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Project Description
The key goals of this project are associated with developing a MapWindow GIS version of the N-SPECT watershed model which currently is implemented as an ESRI GIS extension.

The NOAA Coastal Services Center web site ( describes the N-SPECT watershed model and provides links to documentation and downloads for the ArcGIS extension version of the model.

This CodePlex site is specifically for the development of a version of the N-SPECT model that runs as a plug-in to the open source MapWindow GIS ( platform. The developed plug-in is intended to be fully functional with the BASINS watershed modeling and data analysis system ( developed by the US EPA.

The following is quoted from the NOAA N-SPECT web site:

"Use the Nonpoint-Source Pollution and Erosion Comparison Tool (N-SPECT) to investigate potential water quality impacts from development, other land uses, and climate change. N-SPECT was designed to be broadly applicable, but the tool operates most accurately in medium-to-large watersheds having moderate topographic relief."

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